On The Riots in London (And Who Cares about the Olympics when Economic Meltdowns Loom?)

Tuesday, August 9th, 2011

‎I found a quote in Hunter S Thompson’s ‘Hell’s Angels’ that says it all… Says it better than Foucault might. So here it is…

“American law enforcement procedures have never been designed to control large groups of citizens in rebellion, but to protect the social structure against specifically criminal acts, or persons. The underlying assumption has always been that the police and the citizenry form a natural alliance against evil and dangerous crooks, who should certainly be arrested on sight and shot if they resist.

There are indications however, that this ‘natural alliance’ might be going the way of the Maginot Line. More and more often the police are finding themselves in conflict with whole blocs of the citizenry, none of them criminals in the traditional sense of the word, but many as potentially dangerous – to the police – as any armed felon. This is particularly true in situations involving groups of Negroes and teenagers. The Watts riot in Los Angeles in 1965 was a classic example of this new alignment. A whole community turned on the police with such a vengeance that the National Guard had to be called in. Yet few of the rioters were criminals – at least not until the riot began. It may be that America is developing a whole new category of essentially social criminals… people who threaten the police and the traditional social structure even when they are breaking no law… because they view The Law with contempt and the police with distrust, and this abiding resentment can explode without warning at the slightest provocation.”

That was Hunter S talking. Now it’s my turn.

It isn’t just American law enforcement that is trained in this manner. They all are. Everywhere. Everywhere, while people prate on about democracy, the truth is, the population stands on one side and the State on the other. This doesn’t show in posh areas where people are fat and happy to be slaves of the corporations and the State, where people draw advantages from this moronic soul-sucking enslavement. But in areas where people get no benefits, where they see only the backend filth of modern capitalist democracy (motto: steal from the poor, give to the rich, make them all vote every now and then so they’ll think we care…), people still get angry, and they’re not afraid to express that anger, unlike the fattened, frightened liberals who hide inside the State’s pockets.

What I especially like is the description of the rioters in London by the authorities as ‘greedy and criminal’. As shockingly violent. PERMIT ME TO LAUGH!

This from a state that finances illegal invasions, massive land grabs, resource thefts, illegal prisons and occupations – all of which send its finances spiralling down world-threatening sewers of public debt – AND THEN resorts to further stealing from its own population by cutting off already meager social welfare programs to ‘fight said debt’ (which is in reality nothing but a huge f*cking subsidy for massive corporations – read banks, oil companies, pharmaceutical companies, arms manufacturers et al)… I say, NO such state is justified in preaching moral behavior or ‘respect’ and ‘responsibility’ to rioting, looting youths. Such a state has lost its moral legitimacy to do so.

Do I justify theft and crime? No. But I don’t justify it in Iraq and Afghanistan EITHER! I don’t call it exporting democracy or some such other f*cking unbelievable bullsh*t!

So let’s face it folks. If these young ‘uns have learned that violence and theft are all that pay, it is because the West has a grand, celebrated tradition of such high-handed brutality. Remember colonialism? (Which is now talked about like it was a grand philanthropic project of  drinking tea and chatting about culture?) Remember slavery? The genocidal destruction of the native peoples of Australia, New Zealand, Latin America, the Caribbean, North America in order that their land be stolen? Remember Manifest Destiny? Or maybe you recall the wars in which all those European and colonial poor fought in order to receive nothing but more menial jobs upon their return? Or perhaps you remember grand gestures of state generosity like the massive slaughter of men, women and children to avenge the Paris Commune? No? Well I do. So yes. Greed and criminality? Sure. Shocking? No, not so much. This being the history of the modern West and the mainstay of its current ‘foreign policy’, greed and criminality aren’t shocking at all. If anything, they are perfectly logical. That such things don’t happen more often is a testament to the faithful and dogged work done by the media and the publishers, the manufacturers of discourse and consent, in making you believe the State still cares. And that being able to wear miniskirts constitutes freedom and voting once every few years equals democracy. 

But anger is an energy*. And like George Carlin said (and I paraphrase), since the Owners of society put property above life, things above humanity, damaging property and stealing things amounts to hitting at the State. So, like him, I don’t give a crap about people stealing private property and things. I care much more about the chronic theft of people’s freedom and self-respect while corporations get fat and disgustingly, obscenely rich. I care much more about governments that give tax money to the rich, then steal the hard-won social welfare that is due to the people who have worked for it and who have in fact financed the lives of the rich and famous.

Fact is, the State can routinely use the police against you, while it demands that YOU remain peaceful. This is barbarism, but it goes unnoticed because we’re all hypnotized into believing this is democracy. Should protest be peaceful? I have no idea. I guess it would have to depend on whether your protest is noticed, heeded, or not. If not, and we are in two camps anyway, things will tend to take on a life of their own. And by that time, it’s going to be too late.

And in any case. This is not protest here. This is a lesson learned. Centuries of the same lesson learned. Subconsciously of course (where all true lessons are learned). Dialogue is useless. And you are only respected by the Western state if you steal, kill, rape and brutalize.

Of course… Stealing from those who steal from you every day also does tend to feel good. But none of you need worry. At the end of the day, many of these people will be found, identified and jailed. And State power will probably prevail again.

But not for very long. Because not ALL of us are fooled. And things are getting worse. Much worse. So even if I’m not out in the street – because I don’t give a shit about mobile phones or sneakers or whatever - I know the truth.

I know that none of these preaching authorities have ANY right to call ANYONE greedy or criminal. To do so, they would have to get out of Iraq for one thing. And Afghanistan. AND swear not to rape their populations even further to solve a debt they have wracked up with colossal, unprecedented levels of greed.

It’s what I call the Africa-environment syndrome: we all want to be free to destroy our environment if it means more jobs, more money, more gadgets for us! But if a poor African kills a gorilla for a few bucks, he’s a BAD BAD BRUTAL GORILLA-KILLING BACKWARD PUDDY TAT!  Blame the small guy. While you hide your crime behind grand moral principles. It always pays.

But luckily, not everyone believes this garbage anymore. Hallelujah.

* taken from song by PIL, Rise.

Gators and Thiamine for the Soul: Nothing Can Beat This!

Friday, July 9th, 2010

Yes, treatment it’s been a ludicrously long time since I last wrote here. A hairy burning infernal kind of time, medical full of phantoms, recipe monsters and eaters of death. Engorged with maddened effort, frenzied frustrations, killer obstacles and so forth. All in a day’s work you might say for an obsessive, soul-of-an-anarchist person like myself but no matter what you think, it’s despicably hard. Fighting alone for something as vague and confused as individual freedom, starting with art and the freedom to sell it, is idiotically difficult. Mostly because no one gives a crap or recognizes that it isn’t a f*cking luxury activity but something that is vitally important, even if its value isn’t immediately apparent. Fact is, a lack of individual pride and freedom is something that slowly kills you if you don’t have it. It is at the heart and source of all the despicable poisons that are killing us as an otherwise magnificent, beautiful, wonderfully inventive species.

(It is precisely this inventive beauty of the human soul that Revenge Ink is ALL about celebrating.)

Let me tell you an interesting story that I picked up from a National Geographic documentary about alligators in Florida. Now if Nat Geo as they now call themselves are saying modern man is involved in the death of his ‘environment’ you know we’re truly f*cked. You know we are doomed.

Anyway, the story is that hundreds of gators were dying in this lake. Lake Griffin I believe. It took scientists six years of research and more almost-killing of experimental gators to figure out what the problem was. A fatal deficiency of Vitamin B1 or Thiamine, it turned out. Caused by a fish that contained an enzyme that neutralized Thiamine in the gators’ bodies. The gators had been eating this fish before, but recently, with excess pollution and human toxicity, the lake bred only these Vit B killer fish while ALL other plant and animal life died, yes, ALL other plant and animal life, so the gators were eating nothing else and pretty much OD-ing on these killer fish.

Apparently Thiamine or Vitamin B1 is responsible for cell regeneration in the body which is the real face of what we naïvely call ‘energy.’ In other words, you lose thiamine in your body and you can’t move anymore, you can’t eat, nor metabolize your food, your cells just keep on dying and you can’t do shit. Gradually, your body dies in a slow atrophy of extreme lethargy. So the gators were eating these fish, the fish were killing the gators’ natural reserves of Thiamine and the gators were simply slowing down and ending up dead.

In case you didn’t notice, there is a superlatively perfect readymade mythic metaphor here. Individual freedom is like Thiamine. And the Vit B killer fish is that nasty poisoning part of us that survives, our brains and souls toxically polluted by enslavement, in a poisoned environment of callous habitual greed, aka modern corporate life. The thiamine-killing enzyme in us is the corporate consumer life we live, that consumes everything, even our own desire to grow as human beings and to create anything, until we are gutted and fattened on toxic filth and begin to breed death around us without even knowing it. Just like the killer fish, as half-dead enslaved individuals, we now kill life around us without a care.

Unfortunately, the gator here is us too. It represents our deepest side, our inner life, our most profound humanity; our continued happiness, well-being and health. It represents our potential to live, in a word. It represents our future as extant beings. The gator is that part of us which refuses to be tamed, it is our capacity to live as free human beings, it is the most ecstastic part of us that is now gradually being inertia’d and apathy’d to death by the killer fish in us: our braindead enslavement to the system. Most unfortunately of all, the gator is the predator in us, the deepest ‘eater’ of the joys and pleasures of life, it is the one within us who loves and values life, who savors it even when we’re not looking.

So why is it important to refuse to be a slave? Because as a slave you bring about your own death and the deaths of others. As a mentally shackled slave to corporate greed, you do horrible, wretched destructive things. And you do them most alarmingly, to yourself. You do them unwittingly, in a lethargic slew of apathy, callousness and a vertiginous loss of personal drive (much like the dying gator). You destroy yourself as you destroy your ‘environment.’ You become chronically frustrated, bored and dribble over with envy, hatred and anger that go nowhere. You need tabloids, reality shows and a stream of competitive violence to make up for your pallid frustrations. You might hate your job but lack the energy or drive to change it. Or you may feel constantly like you’re chasing a carrot you will never catch. You despise your life, or maybe not, perhaps you are just chronically bored and ‘need a vacation’ often, you cannot survive without distractions: sex, TV, booze, drugs, pills, more sex, anything that will come along and keep you from one moment with your true self… And of course, you tell yourself this is how all people have always lived. That this is even better than how people lived before, in the ‘old’ world. And you breed philosophies of anxiety, frustration, a joyless Kierkegaardian universe that say life was always this worthless, throughout eternity. Your heart is hard, the vacations don’t make it better, they only make it worse, you resign yourself to a lonely death and eventual lovelessness, and still you tell yourself there is nothing to be done about it, this is how it is, it can’t be any different. Getting older becomes a dull struggle, life is a hum of anxiety, fears, most of all the desperate desire to please: your boss, your family, some dumb f*ck or the other. Meanwhile, in ‘doing your job’ you do nothing for your soul, you destroy life and most of all, you destroy yourself and your children by working for asshole corporations which destroy life in a slow and determined way. You meanwhile, become a creature of competition: some days you win, most days you don’t. And over time, the sheer uselessness of your life grinds down your body, your brain, your cares, that shrivel to the tiniest boundary of family, you, your children who don’t give a crap, your aging, sickened body… Until you get old and the real shit hits the fan.

But no. To live like this is not to live at all. It is only because we live in this steady atrophy as a mass of inveterate slaves, idiots and callous cowards, that life has been reduced to such resigned putrification. Our narcissism is a temporary drug against the steady and slow death of our souls, but nothing will chase away the eventual awakening, pungent with regret, that will hit you one day: oh my god, where did my life go? Was this all I could do?

Well, a genuine freedom of the soul puts an end to all this. It regenerates the mind and body, and even if you struggle like a gator in the wild, which I have certainly been doing for a while now, you feel a vital link to an inner source of refreshing energy which regulates the generation of new cells in your body. You are healed. You may be depressed or sad every now and then, but it is never as bad or desperate as when you worked for the assholes. Life is fundamentally different. The search for meaning is no longer an obsession since life itself has taken over. The philosophies of resignation are blown away under the sheer onslaught of bursting joyful thrilling life. The sheer uncontrollable unpredictable (even shitty) magnificence of it fills your being and the search for why and what and where to, all those over-wrought wranglings disappear. You know. You are alive. You are not selfish but self-informed. Freedom brings liveliness where there was inertia, compassion where there was callousness, communion where there was alienation. You are now in touch with your spiritual Thiamine and no matter how hard life hits you with its choicest weapons, you know you are at the center of your being and cannot ever be budged. NOTHING beats this sensation. It is worth living for, it is certainly worth dying for.

Living for money, for your family, for this or that. It all goes out the window. You live merely because it is all here and nowhere else. Questions cease, doubts are erased, there is only the heart beating and the everyday, the absolute raw necessity of it, but it is no longer a dull whirl. It is no longer a desperate search for something to fill the moments that come at you, no longer a scurrying through those moments, it is a powerful fullness at all times. But you pay for it.

Everything is paid for. Just as our wealth is paid for with enslaved soul-death, so our freedom is paid for with the sacrifice of our fears, doubts and over-justified anxieties. Fire is the core image of all mythology. The ancient Upanishadic Hindus had an interesting concept of fire. It was the refuge of all sacrifice, it was the ‘gator’ in us, its burning of everything was a symbol for the eater of life in us, our delicious appetite for deathless life and endless joy and unhindered freedom and pleasure. The idea then was to sacrifice even your knowledge into this fire. What is meant by this is not to give up knowledge, but to let go even of the meandering, useless thought-crunching that goes into a life lived without heart. The point is to throw it all into the fire of immediate life, the fire of pure and unhindered but terrifying freedom. Only this leads you to a fantastic thrilling experience of life, something that the soul-killing 9-to-5 of corporate life cannot ever give you.

Anyway to finish the story, the Florida govt stepped in and cleaned up the lake. The Thiamine-consuming gator-killers stopped breeding, the gators didn’t die anymore. I’ve been in my own lake too. I’ve been killing my own poison fish that were killing my inner spiritual Thiamine. And I too have ceased to feel the death of the soul within me. When I worked as an interpreter (a story told in my novel Ugly Duckling, WHICH YOU CAN BUY HERE :D), I made a lot of money but my soul was dead. Now I have little money but my soul breathes an air purer than that of the Himalayas. My soul is free. And believe me, nothing, nothing can beat this!

Them Evil Sumbitches

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

recipe for being an evil sonuvabitch: one part greed, one part fear, one part rat and one part obedience. you never saw an evil sonuvabitch who wasn’t greedy, a coward, a rat and obsessed with obedience. THINK about it!