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Our books are all about the difference. Impossible to categorise, experimental, extreme, each one radically distinct from the other.

Paul Broderick’s book is fresh, sweet and personal; charged with political debate, it is nonetheless a blast, very youthful and loads of fun.

Erinna Mettler, a slightly more experienced writer, brings it straight from the heart, but is no less tremendously organized, telling an intricate story that features a rich panorama of characters whose lives intertwine and overlap in the most fascinating, gripping and stunning ways.

John McDonald, an even more experienced writer, offers us a superbly crafted, unputdownable thriller that is so much more – that handles tough questions about religion, personality and individuality.

Gopal Mukerjee, my own brother and a writer I unabashedly admire, adulate and generally worship, comes to us with what was his first novel: an ultra-violent, brutal but superlatively relevant novel for the age we live in. When Gopal wrote The Disciples in the 90s, he called it a ‘testosterone nightmare.’ Since then, hurricane George Bush has come and gone, leaving a string of ‘testosterone’ turd-pearls in his wake. Following Iraq, Afghanistan, Dick C. shooting his pal on a duck hunt, not to mention Abu Ghraib, Gopal’s novel, to my mind, is THE work of word art for the vicious and horrific reality we live in and struggle with everyday. In fact, no writer reflects Revenge Ink’s stance vis-à-vis this reality better than Gopal I think, so it’s just damned convenient that he founded Revenge Ink with me!

Last (to come out this year) but most definitely NOT least, comes Hartley Pool with his hilarious novel about falling in love with an Asian woman and learning to live in Taiwan. Hartley is a successful stand-up comic on the radio and on stage, and this is his first novel. Right off the cuff! Fresh off the groove…

And that’s how it is with us, fresh off the groove, right off the cuff. It’s all about the story here, all about the freshness and the risk, no one’s looking for the ‘next rehash of a formerly original genius who is now dead and spawning a hundred copycats so publishers can cash in on a totally predictable formula for success, which they refused to believe in the first time around.’

So come on, order our books and show your support for the revolution that’s having too much fun to say its name!

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Amita Mukerjee

The Bankruptcy Diaries, Paul Broderick

ISBN 978-0-9565119-3-5

Release: July 15, 2011  Price: £6.99

bankruptcy HomeBlurb: It’s the year 2000 and Paul Livingson is in his first office job in Bristol. With student debts hanging over him, Paul still wants to live the high life: holidays in Europe, booze-fuelled nights of excess, designer fashions. But how to do it all? Easy! More credit! Spending gets even easier when Paul meets Kelly, an inspiring, free-spirited singer in a band with whom he falls in love.

Written in the form of a  diary, this book is about losing control and learning to regain it. It is about putting individuality above consumerism and asking who is responsible for the financial meltdown that more and more people face everyday. Is it all down to personal responsibility? Or does the system encourage massive debt that makes slaves of us all just for a handful of profits? Read this entertaining, honest and thought-provoking book and make up your own mind.

Who is Paul Broderick: Paul Broderick has always had an uneasy relationship with money. A small time lottery winner at eighteen, he arrived at Anglia university to study literature and dropped out after a run in with drugs. Somehow he became a Town Planner, working ten years in various Councils where he learned how to avoid working for your money and why our cities will always look a mess. Recovered from bankruptcy, Paul’s leading a campaign to encourage more people to hang their debts and start living again.

Starlings, Erinna Mettler

ISBN 978-0-9565119-2-8

Release: July 15, 2011   Price: £7.99

starlings HomeBlurb: STARLINGS is a daisy-chain novel set in Brighton. Each chapter tells the story of one of its varied inhabitants. Disparate lives collide in surprising ways, showing that our destinies are often shaped by those we sometimes live near…

In a coastal tower block we meet Andy, a conflicted paedophile battling his urges. Next door is May, a desperately lonely old lady. Their lives are connected by the past and the future. Inbetween are the stories of those they have touched – briefly or profoundly – Andy’s violent father, his mother and her transgender lover, May’s absent husband, the parents of abducted children, the drug dealer down the hall. Like the starlings swarming the skies above, these characters dance around each other until the final shattering climax when the destinies of Andy and May are revealed.

Who is Erinna Mettler: Erinna Mettler was born in Yeovil Somerset but spent her formative years in Yorkshire. She studied film at Kent University and then worked as a researcher at the British Film Institute, London, for nearly thirteen years. She is relatively new to fiction; after moving to Brighton in 2002 she took a course in creative writing to relieve the boredom of everyday life and STARLINGS was born. She has had short stories published in online journals, was a runner-up in The Guilford Short Story Prize and had work performed at numerous spoken word events. Erinna is currently working on her second novel and collaborating on a new literature night in Brighton.

Absolution, John F McDonald

ISBN 978-0-9565119-4-2

Release: Sep 22, 2011   Price: £7.99

absolution HomeBlurb: Mohammed Sharif is a Kashmiri geologist and devout Muslim, with revenge on his mind. Daniel Hutten is a Jewish gemstone expert in New York, indebted to an ultra right-wing faction. Christian Childe is a trader in Bangkok, whose wealthy grandfather is involved with neo-nazis. Sharif is invited to Burma by beautiful Suli Neng to retrieve emeralds for the Karen rebels who are fighting the military junta. But he wants to keep his ‘miracle stone’ for his own cause in Kashmir. When Sharif meets Christian Childe who knows Daniel Hutten, the three become unlikely allies. But there is a fatwa on Sharif’s head, Daniel is in love with a Palestinian woman and the world will not let them be. Things reach a violent climax when a bomb goes off that will decide their fates…

A truly global novel, coursing at high speed from the prep schools of England to the jungles of Burma and the gem dealers of New York. An intricate, highly researched thriller about terrorism and fundamentalism in all their forms.

Who is John F. McDonald: John F McDonald is an established author who has written several novels and co-authored biographies, including Borstal Girl for Simon & Schuster (2011). His novels include:

  • Tribe(Wolfhound Press / Merlin Publishing, (Ire) 1999 (the screenplay of Tribe won the 2009 IndieProducer Screenwriters Award in Los Angeles and is now in post-production – imdb link – to be released later this year or early 2012)
  • Talking to God –Wolfhound Press / Merlin Publishing (Ire), 2001
  • Childeyes –Gatecrasher Books/Legend Press (UK) 2008
  • Otherwise Kill Me – Paperback, WildWolf Publishing (UK) 2009

He has also written screenplays and rewritten classics for graphic novel format for Classical Comics UK.

The Disciples: A Novel for the Apocalypse,  Gopal Mukerjee (Co-Founder Revenge Ink)

Release: October 31, 2011 (Halloween)   Price: £7.99

disciples md HomeBlurb: Set in a fractured and nightmarish cityscape, The Disciples follows a quartet of demented and cultish psychopaths as they embark on a nocturnal ‘Bull Run’. The Run in question turns out to be an increasingly savage and surreal road trip undertaken at the behest of a mysterious figure known as ‘the Meister’, also called the ‘Lord Baron of Pain’. Spanning a single night, the road trip never fully exits the cityscape. Instead, it spirals downward into a morass of bizarre pit stops, necrophilia and ritualized slaughter.

Working in subjection and obeisance to their Meister, the four protagonists deliver a rhapsody of torment and bloodshed that culminates with an act of elaborate, celebratory cannibalism. As the subtitle suggests, The Disciples is a ‘novel for the apocalypse’, a narrative that mingles humor and violence in a prolonged, delirious danse macabre.

Who is Gopal Mukerjee: Gopal Mukerjee is a writer, imagist and provocateur of Indian origin. He was born in Bombay (now Mumbai) India and was raised in India, Britain and the United States. He spent a decade in the American South, for the better part of which he was a self-described slacker, wastrel and trouble-maker at the University of Alabama (where he became skilled at avoiding classrooms and picking lint from his navel). He eventually graduated and moved to California where he worked odd jobs (selling mattresses and then teaching Math and English to rich under-achievers and dyslexics). He then wrote his first book, The Disciples, and would later co-found Revenge Ink with his sister Amita Mukerjee. His third novel, The Armageddon Mandala was one of the first novels to be published by Revenge Ink in 2009.

Stranger in Taiwan, Hartley Pool

ISBN 978-0-9565119-6-6

Release: November 14, 2011   Price: £6.99

stranger in taiwan HomeBlurb: This book answers the questions of how I – a deeply ugly British man with low self esteem – found a wife, how I survived for years in Taiwan despite a terrifying lack of cultural sensitivity and how I nearly made three friends. It does not, however, answer the question of why my wife is still with me. Hartley Pool about his first novel.

Real blurb: Hartley is a young man who meets and falls in love with Anita, a Taiwanese girl studying EFL at a school in Cheltenham where he works as a teacher trainer. Despite subjecting her to a surprising new way to learn English, hiding in the staffroom for several days, then accidentally getting into a discussion on breasts, they hit it off. The book then focuses on Hartley’s getting to grips with Taiwanese culture, which he never does. We see him take several trips around the island, try to teach in a local High School, and puzzle over his miserable failure to ask Anita’s father for her hand in marriage. After a brief interlude in China which is supposed to be a relaxing holiday, Hartley finally joins the British Council and attempts to assimilate more into Taiwanese society while deepening his relationship with Anita to the point where she feels too much pity to attempt escape.

The book ends with a decision that will be dealt with in a sequel.

Who is Hartley Pool: Hartley is a writer and stand-up comedian who has lived and performed around the world and been published in Hungary, Taiwan and the UK. He currently divides his time between the UAE and the UK. He started stand-up as a way to get out of reading his poetry to an audience in Budapest, winter 2001 and has since gone on to perform in the UK, Romania, Dubai, Singapore and Taiwan and to run clubs in both the UK and Taiwan. He has blogged and written sketches for the BBC and in 2003 he paid £10 to travel to London on National Express for a meeting at Channel Four, so that they could tell him they quite liked his script but weren’t going to make it into a television program. He’s quite proud of that. A normal ticket usually costs £25.